Bamital BOTNET taken down… were you part of it??

Some Microsoft users were presented with this screen today… why?


Well, if you saw it… then I hope you took notice… because the chances are that your computer is infected by malware related to a massive botnet called Bamital.

What is a botnet?

A combined effort between Microsoft and others in the IT security industry has brought down a botnet being used by the Bamital malware family.

Reports say that on Wednesday the 6th Feb, 2013, 2 data centers were raided by US Marshals and Microsoft Investigators – one in Weehawken, New Jersey, and the other in Manassas, Virginia.

The Bamital botnet related Malware hijacked Windows computers via a variety of Operating System code flaws which creating false online advertising clicks, intercepting searches and redirecting users to infected websites which dropped malicious software and spyware on the unsuspecting machines.

One example of a deception of this type, as posted by Microsoft, was of a user who thought they were clicking on an Official Norton Security page from a maligned search result.  They were directed to a fake anti-virus software page.

To give you an idea of the scale of these botnets, Bamital reached an estimated 7,000,000 hijacked computers, generating $AUD10.7 million per year.

Now that the network has been disabled, users who are infected with the associated malware are directed to a Symantec/Microsoft partnership webpage.

It may be that you were fortunate enough to avoid seeing the warning page above. If you would like to get a computer check-up to ensure you are not infected by the Bamital botnet malware, or any other botnet malware you should contact ASKKIZ. We offer personalised service to ensure your PC operates optimally for your purposes. Both On-site and remote assistance is offered for your convenience.

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