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XIRRUS is “the only name to trust for serious WiFi performance”

Don’t be caught out by wireless systems which will be outdated in 2 years time, or networks which will not be up to handling the new 801.11ac standard.

Mobility is now the norm and people everywhere expect to connect without wires. The explosion of tablets and smartphones has seen to that. According to research firm IHS, tablets and smartphone revenue will surpass that of the entire consumer electronics market in 2013. Innovative organizations are using those devices to engage with their customers, transforming business models, and ensuring connectivity under even the most demanding circumstances.
Xirrus is founded on the premise that “wireless would replace wired as the primary choice for network access” and they continue to hold that vision — transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and simple wireless access solutions to organizations who depend on it for day-to-day operations.

Askkiz is proud to be partnered with Xirrus, an organisation which is thinking about the future of connectivity, and providing solutions to organisations which are efficient, powerful and cost effective

Xirrus has an extensive array of high profile customers and case studies across different verticals, including all levels of Education, Health Care including life critical medical equipment networks, Convention and Sporting venues, Government, Carrier and Hospitality.  View why and who in the following Video.

Critical Moment – The XIRRUS Advantage

This video gives a great overview of the exhaustive testing mechanisms used by Xirrus to ensure the highest performance and reliability.

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