Social Media Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security (GRCS)

SafeChat® is a unique Social Media GRCS platform that allows organizations of all sizes and from all industry sectors, to seamlessly and flexibly monitor, manage, filter and report on all common social media. This includes instant messaging, search engine and webmail application use through a suite of granular controls. Rather than blocking or limiting popular communication tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Netbox Blue’s unique platform enables real-time policy matching and compliance enforcement across the organization.

Businesses use SafeChat® to control data leakage, productivity and reputational damage. For schools, the technology is used to enforce school policies on students. SafeChat® can be applied to the corporate network, BYO Devices as well as laptops, iOS 6 devices or PCs that access the web from outside the corporate network. The solution is available as a premium feature on each Netbox Blue solution and is included in the CloudControl®,CyberSafeOffice™ and CyberSafeSchool™ solutions.

  • See how SafeChat® assists business and government organizations (7min video)
  • See how SafeChat® enables schools to identify vulnerable students and provide greater protection to the whole student body (5 min video)